May 7, 2012

Prince Charming

Despite others beliefs, i have not been talking to myself the past 5 days. Nor have i been the one leaving poop on the grass outside. Hard to believe, i know. 
Meet Prince Jack. 
...he enjoys charming ladies, barefoot walks on the beach, playing in the waves and eating kelp...
...and his favourite hobby, napping. This, he is a pro at....and at getting free treats. It must be all those charming looks. Jack leads a tough life. 
On our endeavors out and about in OB these past 5 days i have been keeping a tally of how many compliments we each get.
Total compliments for Jack = at least 80
Total compliments for Paula = 2
#1 "wow, you look like a gazelle" - while tempoing in mission bay
#2 "nice pace, you look like a deer or something" - during my long run in PB
A deer?? Really? I dont think that counts as a compliment. Total compliments for Paula 2 - 1 = 1. 
Jack wins. 

And it doesn't surprise could you not love this!?
We sure do. Thanks for a fun 5 days Jack. Your welcome back anytime..i've just managed to convince everyone i dont actually talk to myself. 

Final last thoughts for today..a book i found at our favourite (dog friendly) coffee shop, Jungle Java.

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  1. This may be the best fb post I've ever seen...miss you jack!!!!! love, aunt courtney ........see you in july :)