June 8, 2011


my memories of iowa include rain..overcast, dreary weather..concrete..plain boring buildings..oh and a school record..thats one thing to keep the impression of des moines up!
but first impressions can change..and des moines has put on a great show (thus far) of 90+ degree days..blue skies..green grass..lakes..and rolling hills to do just that..we are staying out west by the country club..where the houses are unique..the streets are well kept..and the sun shines (at least for now)..the days have not been hard to fill..here is a taste of the life we are living pre NCAA nationals..

me and chris headed out for a morning run around the neighborhoods..post run sweaty mess..
...followed by some bonding with my room mate..the foam roller..we have been inseparable these past 3 weeks..thanks ash for accidentally leaving this behind!
due to forecasted thunderstorms the next three days i made wandering amongst the greenery a must..
then mid-afternoon rolled around and we headed for a light session at a local high school track..
..super juiced and hydrated..it was noodle zoo time..a little cafe just across the street from our hotel..plenty of colour to top of the beautiful day!
..bedtime.sweet dreams.xx

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