September 11, 2011

who wouldn't want to be a distance runner?

today. at 5.45am. not only the 45 cross country athletes and coaches..but our ENTIRE team (sprinters, throwers, decathletes) awoke to a gorgeous full moon, gorgeous sunrise and a long tempo run on riverside. warranted..the xc guys did 14.5miles, the girls 10.5miles..the sprinters..2 miles..but this is distance running for them..they still got up at the crack of dawn, they still brought humour and smiles to brighten our sunday..they still participated in their first early morning still made my day. with sunday tempo runs on your guys should definitely be aloud to join us on float trip. pity i won't be here to see you all try the hill workout.
starting our run before really thankful people can't actually see me at this time in the morning
sunshine on the drive home..warming my insides before ice time..
body warmth
another day of training over.nap time.

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