September 7, 2011


new zealand is a pretty small country. i can drive from one end to the other in approximately 24hours (if i want to go crazy, deprive myself of sleep and not take time to smell the wild flowers along the way). so hosting the rugby world cup this month is a huge deal. like really huge. school holidays have been re-arranged to suit the finals..watching rugby is part of a kiwi kids stadiums were built..people started requesting time of work (like a year ago)..and the country have come together to make sure we make this years world cup one of the best. the first games start in 1 day 17 hours. yes, there is a count down. the kiwi's have started stamping a mark on our territory..with a flash haka in auckland.

be warned. we will not go down lightly. if we don't win this world cup it will be a national disaster. and we don't need another one of those. let's get it done boys..i will be watching from this side of the world!

check out the official home page for the world cup here.

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