June 28, 2012

Bare Back

Yesterday Rosie and I went riding with her mate Alice..one of us used a whip, both of us rode bareback. Then we grilled. Kind of like Bare Back Grill. Thats my story.
hello sir.
they made the mistake of letting us lead them astray.
riding bareback in pairs, with a whip. classy.
all that riding made us hungry. it was quite a good inner thigh workout, especially riding bareback.
we deserved a good pie...
..probably one of the best bacon and egg pies ever.

June 24, 2012

89 years of love

love and memories transcend time and distance.
this is lucky for me...first; my family got up super early on a Sunday (sleep in day) to drive me to Balclutha for a race i was running there, second; Mum sat in the back seat so i could stretch out in the front on the drive there, third; being out running solo for the majority of the race, i had my loving family follow me around in the car and cheer for me, fourth; dad spent the morning carrying around my backpack with my race kit in it, sixth; they made me feel special for winning even though, as you can see, i was lining up against 8year olds, fifth; they put up with my smelly running shoes in the car...yip, that sure is love.

After my race in Balclutha we drove out to Lochindorb to the family farm to celebrate Nanna's 89th birthday..with food, cake, candles and prezies! 

As the sun was setting after a beautiful day on Lochindorb, Clarke and I took a drive up to see Grandad and his view of the farm.

love and memories transcend time and distance...
and i can rest assured that a special someone is keeping an eye on you lot while im gone xx

June 20, 2012

Another year past

Firstly, lets talk Birthdays. A huge big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Rachel who was so jealous of me turning 24 she decided to do the same today! Secondly, love, kisses and thank you's to all for the amazing birthday wishes! I had a fabulous day (or two) with my family in Alex with plenty of vino and food involved! Here are some quick notes from the past few days adventures:

Thursday the 14th: Highlights included the hour long bath i took in the middle of the afternoon, with my novel and a couple of cold beers in hand (you can do anything when it's your birthday right!?), and dinner out with mum and friends in which we drunk cocktails from Thyme infused vodka (thyme most likely sourced from the local hills) : no photos of bath tub experience available at the present time.

Friday the 15th: Celebrating my American Birthday at home, with an unexpected visit from my brother Chris, homemade gnocchi and of course, carrot cake. who would have guessed huh ;)

Saturday the 16th: SEEING KATIE!!!!! Flew up North to Auckland to see the sights, escape the cold and catch up with friends and family. I had my first experience of Little and Friday with Katie amongst a day of sight seeing!

Sunday the 17th: Katie attempts first long run in over 9 months. Katie has first art gallery experience..ever. We celebrated her achievements with a night out at Jersey Boys

Monday the 18th: I woke up on the North Shore to the most beautiful view of the harbour bridge. I GOT MY VISA!! Watch out America! Plus dinner with family, including my Uncle Nevil, who can still drink me under the table at 90years old. 

Tuesday the 19th: Second experience of Little and Friday, North Shore location (im hooked too easy!); coffee with Thomas and wines with Hannah and Ruth, my long lost flatties. 

Wednesday the 20th: A long run in shorts (oh yea, pretty much the most exciting aspect of today) before our flight back home to the chilly Alex winter!