March 29, 2011


yesterday i was walking through campus and spotted a friend a good distance away and reached that decisive i say hello? even though i will be raising my voice to an innapropriate level? do i instead pretend i didn't see them and continue walking? do i wave and hope they see my arm flailing about? do we just make eye contact and acknowledge the others presence?
what is the acceptable distance that requires no acknowledgement of anothers presence? how far do they need to be away before it's just too far?
really, you just want to avoid that awkward situation where you wave or say hi and get no response..leaving you feeling a tad silly, a little blushed and looking over your shoulder to make sure no-body saw...
i guess it all depends on the many other people are around (cause if its a deserted street il be glad to bellow out a chirpy "hi")...
then i thought why do i even care; why waste this moment even thinking these thoughts?why not just pretend the street is always empty?
i should just stop caring about feeling silly, bellow out hi anyway and who cares if they don't respond..surely, all in all, it doesn't matter..
we shouldn't worry about what people will think...if we want to fly we have to let go of that which holds us down...

"worries are like helium balloons, let them go and they float away" - rosie leah whiting

March 27, 2011

searching racks

spring is here...
the temperature 'was' warming up (until it dropped to 30 today, brrr)..
the flowers are out...
it must be time to go find some new spring outfits...

Lauren, Erin and i took a friday afternoon drive to some thrift stores in tulsa to find some original pieces for all the outside activities planned for the warm weather...

this day was a day of firsts..not only my first time to the thrift stores in tulsa but also my first experience of sonic..half price happy hour..couldn't turn that down!

long dress for spring..this one was made by my mum way back before i was born.. definitely an original!

despite these arm fulls of clothes, i only ended up with one skirt and one top..

can't wait till it warms back up this week so i can wear this outside of the apartment :)
a song for today
thanks steve x

March 23, 2011

drift on

You are not enclosed within your bodies, or confined to houses or fields.
That which is in you dwells above the mountain and roves with the wind.
It is not a thing that crawls into the sun for warmth or digs holes into darkness for safety,
But a thing free, a spirit that envelops the earth and moves in the ether.

- Kahlil Gibran

"would you be the wind to blow me home?"

these adorable fantail cards were handcrafted by Lana Lacey (Kelley)
much love to her xx

March 22, 2011



Protecting the Environment Will Take More Than Awareness


Photographer: Jim Olive

Milk Butterfly
Photographer: St Marc Gil

March 21, 2011

craft and commerce

aura: a distinctive but intangible quality that seems to surround a person or thing
ambiance: the atmosphere of an environment
tone: the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people

what makes a place stand out to me is just this...the feelings you get from that which surrounds you...
the mood it creates for you...the memories it makes for you...

craft and commerce, little italy, san diego

March 17, 2011


one sunny day, one limo, one superb driver, one even more superb tour guide, four winery's, six amazing people (yes that includes me), and unfortunately i lost count of the number of glasses of wine..but thats what makes it such an incredible day and a day that will be remembered forever..thanks to the photos :)

Joel..the greatest!

yes, those are water cups..time to call it a day.

March 10, 2011

no playground for adults

just a thought for today...

with spring in the air..spring break looming..and  blue skies got me thinking about summer...
going through photos from my adventure last summer i came across this...a photo i took at a park in San Fransisco..from behind the fence..
i'm considered an adult...i don't have kids..and i LOVE guess this means i'll have to put up a rope swing on a tree of my own!

finally, an update on that whole coffee has now been 25 cups of coffee consumed = 6
surely that takes me from category four to one..right!?
peace setting flight to San own playground!

March 6, 2011

lost habits

Otago University...1st year, fresher flu, carrington and health science...the year i left home and the year i learnt what it means to really 'study'..
that was way back in 2007..young, innocent and 18 i set of from home to university. it was a wild year and one that will never be forgotten!all the memories have been flooding back this past two weeks as i watch my little sister, rosie, walk in my footsteps...she moved into carrington college to start her fresher year..studying 1st year health science..the year that taught me everything about how to study hard and knuckle down!talking to her and thinking about my first year at uni made me realize that in the last two years i really haven't done much study..AT ALL!school in the States is such a breeze in comparison to NZ that i have lost ALL good study habits!so this week, with three exams looming, i decided it was time to rectify that...time to find a quiet space of my own...

a quiet space in the library here..a stark contrast to the library at health sci students lining up at 8am outside the library to RUN to a seat so they can set up camp for the girls strutting around the library trying to pick up a date for the w.e running fb cometary of who is making the most irritating noises in the library..actually NO people at all..just me and a quiet room.