June 9, 2012

two days as a scarfie

This weekend I took a trip through Otago to Dunedin to spend some quality time with my siblings, cousins and friends still there! It's crazy how easily the memories come flooding back of a place the instant your back amongst it. I went out running in Ross Creek with Shireen on Friday and my muscles kind of just remembered the route, guess all those miles i logged while i was in Dunedin are ingrained in me somewhere!

Thursday evening i picked up Rosie and we headed out to the beach to cook Chris a birthday dinner at his flat! It was great just hanging out and spinning some good yarns with the family and his flatties. Constant smiles :) 
rosie and i walked the esplanade at st clair beach before dinner and timed it perfectly for the sunset
on the way home from dinner, my muscle memory took me to rob roy's for icecream..i honestly didn't plan that, it just seemed right, just as right as it felt to be snuggled up in our woolen jerseys, woolen socks and 5 layers of blankets to keep warm in rosies flat. 
I spent Friday shopping while Rosie (and everyone else) was at uni or working (aghhh i love vacation!). Had a sneaky lunch break with Rosie and she gave me a few study tips for when i go back to school in august....
 tip: drink while still in warm clothing to ensure alcohol blanket is in place before venturing into town
we went to byo japanese for dinner to start off our night out
highlights include the octopus balls (shown below), these were incredible; rosie, clarke, chris and i turning up with a bottle of wine each; rach, wedz and lyndon turning up empty handed; lets just say our family dont do things by halves; and chris not passing out (and finishing his whole bottle of wine, definitely an accomplishment) 
after dinner we headed to alibi to wash down the wine with, ahhh, more alcohol...think it's called binge drinking!!??!!
i apologize for the next few photos are kind of repetitive, BUT by far the greatest series of photos of me and my favourite cousin..and who wouldn't want to show of a handsome fella like clarke ;)
like i said. we don't do things by halves.
today my neck hurts from dancing so hard, my head hurts from drinking so hard, and my cheeks hurt from laughing so hard.
Thanks for a great couple of days!
a tune for you - Grimes: Oblivion

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