June 5, 2011

what you plant now will harvest later

my parents are back in nz now after a month of traveling around the states, taking way too many photos, drinking maybe just a touch to much wine, watching their little girl carve up and having a blast (oh and meeting some pretty damn cool people :)
its a strange feeling, going from one time zone to another..they are 17hours ahead in nz, so going home they miss a day in flight..maybe this means they are a day younger now!?..its a long haul back but now that they are adjusted to nz life again and they have had time to sort through the THOUSANDS of photos they took, i get to see some of the pictures from conference and regionals..it was my second time running at the prestigious Hayward Field in Eugene, making my first appearance there for nationals last year..the crowd and support for athletics there is unreal..if you ever get a chance its an awsome place to race!

the pace quickens..the pack spreads out..hello facials..

the hard work is done..now its time to see it flourish..
we head out tomorrow to des moines, iowa for nationals..one week to go!

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