December 16, 2011

finally, the final last words

my last night with the team in tulsa was one of the greatest nights ever...the crew organized a surprise party...complete with balloons, beer pong, cake, dancing....and my amazing friends! fellow kiwi's..keeping it real in tulsa! speech..this one was not prepared..but i wrote some final last words a month ago..and now that im am gone, i shall leave them with you here:

I thought that while I drive the 8 plus hours back to Tulsa, reflecting on my last race in the NCAA system, I will share with you my thoughts as of now. I can’t believe it is the end. That this is it. As I write this tears find their way to squeeze out. Not tears because I am sad about my race, or my season, or any of the amazing accomplishments I have achieved while at Tulsa. But tears about what I will miss. I will miss this. This driving with you all after a meet..whether you are angry, happy, frustrated..whatever you are feeling. Knowing that tomorrow we all wake up that much wiser and knowing that each and every one of you will be there, come rain, hail or shine to go for a run and enjoy the feeling of pounding the turf, an enjoyment that we all share. That is why we are here. For all you who are still in Tulsa, don’t forget that. Don’t forget the enjoyment that running brings. And if you do momentarily feel that you have lost that, then find a friend, find a trail and just jog.

I have some pieces of advice that I have learnt the hard way, by failing to follow them. Let my mistakes make you stronger, better and more successful. First, listen to coach. If you don’t understand, then ask. If he tells you you can run 15.45 in the 5000m, he’s probably right. It won’t be the first time.
Secondly, advice I only now wish I had been confident enough to oblige to. Recover. Take your days off. If you are hurting, don’t go on a second run. Cause in the end, when you get to the big dance, nobody cares how many miles you ran two weeks ago. All that they care about is how well you raced. And when your breaking down, no matter how talented you are, you are never going to run your best. The runners who do well are those who are consistent. Consistent in training, consistent in racing. The NCAA system is grueling, remember that and keep your wits about you. Train smart.
One last thing. We all make mistakes. We all have bad races and great races. Learn to find something positive in every race, even if it seems the most mandane thing. If you can take each failure and turn it into a successful learning experience you will grow as a runner and a person. 

il miss you all and will be following you guys achievements..keep the tulsa name alive.

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