December 30, 2011

summer for christmas

yes, this is extremely late for a christmas years is on the horizon..but im still in catchup mode..
for all the american's reading think this is CRAZY, but im used to christmas being hot...with backyard cricket, BBQ's, champagne breakfast outside, sunburn, dips in the lake..and jandels and stubbies. this year i was in the states again for christmas, and you can imagine the excitement to find out i'd be spending it in clearwater beach, florida..with 80degree days, beach and sun..its no new zealand, but it it was close enough :)
after a action packed three days in new york it was great to chill and relax in the laid-back beach town..
...and go for long walks to carlouel along the beach..
..and swim in the ocean and lay about in a bikini..this was not winter!
christmas eve we spent the morning on a pirate boat, traveling the sea's, drinking beer and seeing the beautiful island from the water! after the adventure we picnicked on the beach, swam and lay in the sun, counting away the minutes until santa arrived!
and he came, bringing plenty of gifts and christmas treats...and eating the cookies and milk we left out;)
florida is definitely the place to be for christmas, unless your american..and you want a traditional winter christmas..with snow..then you probably dont want to go to florida. just a thought. 
hope everyone had a great christmas wherever you ended up.
next post. new years. that came around way too fast!!

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