December 29, 2011

coast to coast

this holiday season was all respects...i flew from tulsa to san diego..for 3 days, then to new york city...for 3 days, then to clearwater beach, florida...for 5 days, then back to san diego..and it is here i now rest my head..after a whole bunch of partying, christmas celebrations and moving i am finally unpacked and starting to settle in!

heres the start of the the re-cap..
NYC is a must for better way to celebrate christmas than breakfast with santa, skating around rockfellar center below the massive christmas tree and wandering central park on a crisp winters day! we met pj's sister and her family there for an early christmas.
..this was all day 1..also included was the christmas extravaganza show with the rockets..
and am eveing show and a night i will never forget..this show deserves a post of its own..stay tuned..
day two was spent sight-seeing and acting a tourist..we saw a ton and finished the evening dining on sushi and going to the comedy cellar for a night of laughter..and a night of 2 hours sleep before our 3.30am trip to the airport :(  
NYC..the city that never sleeps. 

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