December 6, 2011

weekends of freedom

with no commitment to running anymore, i figured i had better make the most of it while i can..and so booked spur of the moment tickets to dallas for last was due time to visit my 'family' down had been far, far too long! despite the pouring rain, it was MUCH warmer then this freezing (-9degrees celsius out tonight) tulsa weather..a great weekend relaxing, drinking vino and studying a little with my blonde sister LC! here's the re-cap..
seriously..a typical college apartment!? open fire, flat screen, wine cooler..also, LC has a hot tub in her ensuite..sure could use that with all this cold weather...TAKE ME BACK! 
saturday night we headed out for a late dinner..heels to keep our feet out of the puddles..i highly recommend villa o, local, fresh, AMAZING..what else could you want!?
night out turned to night in..with comfy (SMU?) clothing and icecream ;)
twas the perfect evening out!
a late start to the day (we may have slept in..just a tad) we worked out and headed out for not wearing was the lighting. honest. 
sunday dinner at the bucks..home cooking and a little visit to my 'old home' many memories from christmas 2009
thanks for the perfect weekend LC. il be back.

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