January 30, 2011


discover: to see, get knowledge, learn of or find...
to live life to the full we all need to experience and discover things that are new and different...challenging us to grow and learn...

last week i had fun eating, drinking and dining out at many new places..all of which satisfied my taste buds!

iv been wanting to cook quinoa for ages now and finally got around to it after getting some recipe ideas from some of the blogs i follow...
decided on a broccoli, mushroom and chicken dish served with quinoa!
Quinoa is a grain like food and one of the only plant foods that is a complete protein source..plus its high in iron, magnesium and fiber..a great health food!

 just to get out of my usual routine breakfast i decided to blend up my muesli, yogurt and fruit into a thick smoothie..adding some spinach to make it look even healthier :) got the idea for this from Kath Eats Real Food 

topped with some granola in my travel jar..perfect to take to my early 8am class!

a new day and a new season..?we got three days of 65+ temperatures in the middle of winter...it was perfect!
time to get out the jandels and summer clothes!

a new place iv recently been introduced to is The Restaurant at Gilcrease Museum...
serving amazing brunch and lunch ideas plus one of the best mimosa's iv ever had..with the gorgeous blue sky and view of the landscape its a great place to go get out of the hustle and bustle of Tulsa

another restaurant i have been talking about going to and have never had the excuse to is Yokozuna..situated in downtown Tulsa 
i finally had a visitor that gave me the excuse to go check it out!it was really well priced and an awsome atmosphere..plus the food was delicious! definitely will be going back!



eating in...

after nights eating out, we decided to cook in..white wine and roasted tomato risotto with homemade foccacia..accompanied with a bottle of red from a fully self-sustained vineyard in California, Sanguis

a final discovery for the week was a hidden restaurant that served up the best food i have eaten in Tulsa..
a little French inspired restaurant nestled in a back alley is my new place of choice..at The French Hen we shared an amazing plate of mussels followed by entrees of Grilled Duck Breast and Grouper on wild rice...both dishes were phenomenal!

thats enough discovery for me for a wee while..with the mini vacation over its back to school and winter..the midday temperature for tuesday...7 degrees farenheit!!!

January 23, 2011

depending for significance upon something else

its been a busy week in Tulsa, unfortunately we didn't get a day off class with the arrival of snow fall #2...
instead we trumped to class, avoiding the slippery pathways and wrapping up in hats and gloves!
training was taken indoors this time with a little more snow on the streets..

4 inches of snow and we all turned to shut down mode..streets we icy so no driving, paths were icy so no running outdoors, it was COLD so no playing outside...then i looked at my brother, Chris's, photos from Hokkaido, Japan and felt a tad silly...
over 5 meters of snow..BLOODY FREEZING temperatures and yet life goes on as usual..plenty of play time on the slopes, plenty of work and definitely no hibernating inside!
but everything is relative..depending for significance upon something else...it may only be half as cold here..and a dusting of snow..but for me this sure is wintery enough!

some photos from Hokkaino that Chris has taken...

Chris skiing in the (body deep?) snow..

this time is far away for Chris..the melting of my snow..it was enjoyed for 3 days, but i sure am glad its going!

just a few patches are left!

although far from home, in the midst of winter..we havn't forgotten our roots..or that you are all enjoying summer right now!!

..this is a kiwi band who started playing on our home turf...

January 18, 2011

tin sandwich

today with spare hours on hand (got to make the most of this while it lasts) i decided to finally start learning how to play the harmonica i bought 6 months ago! i figured i should probably start off slowly and grabbed a book my friend Jane sent me.."How to be a Harmonica Hero" (complete with a mini harmonica)
in today's lesson i learnt the many different names for the harmonica:

Blues Harp
Short harp
Tin Sandwich
Mouth Organ
Pocket Piano

my shiny new pocket piano..preserved after sitting in its case for 6 months!

the portable mini harmonica..at the ready for jamming out any time of the day

something my little book warns me to watch out for...when you are playing your harmonica and moving from note to note - make sure you move the harmonica...not your head...you may strain your neck!

i'm not quite ready to play like Bob Dylan, for now il stick to mastering 'Hot Cross Buns'

January 10, 2011

as it is

Look what that winter breeze brought in!its finally real winter time here with our first dusting of snow and some sub zero temperatures..therefore its the perfect time to rug up inside, catch up on some movies and get in some reading..I have just finished Siddhartha, a novel by Hermann Hesse that i received from Pj..

"The world is not imperfect or confined at a point somewhere along a gradual pathway toward perfection. No, it is perfect at every moment."
"Thus i see whatever is good. I see that life and death, sin and holiness, intelligence and foolishness, must be as they are."
"Learn to love the world,  let it be as it is and be glad to be a part of it".

- Hermann Hesse

adding some aroma to the apartment

the first dusting of snow..perfect, as it is..

the blizzard blowing in..

embrace this cold weather for what it is and enjoy it while it lasts!