January 7, 2011


today, lost for inspiration, i was reading one of the blogs i follow and found myself scrolling the images from Charlotte Stokes website. Some amazing pictures and clothing...much loved. so natural and free.
these two photos are some of my favs..the one below reminds me of a photo of my sister and i in matching floral dresses, hair curly and wild, perched on the old wood pile behind our garage..must find that photo..

 Liebemarlene Vintage has some great posts from over the winter break...this is where i got hooked on Charlotte Stokes website..i think its time to go shopping myself..for this winter weather sure needs dressing up and coating in something sweet...
all these images got me thinking about how carefree the models look..something reminding me of children..the innocent wee creatures with out a care in the world!

the last of my family time in nz was spent with these two little cousins of mine..playing on slides and getting dirty climbing up trees!who cares about ruining your clothes huh!?

back in tulsa, the fantail is huddled up indoors again, avoiding the cold winter breeze thats blowing through

in our attempt to be carefree and a child once more, carl and i decided to make idiots of ourselves and put on a little welcome party at the airport for steve...

we may not be children anymore but we can still have a carefree spirit and let our minds wonder..imagine the fun you would have...

carl introduced me to this band Broken Bells..go check them out

"its no to late
to feel a little more alive
make an escape
before we start to vaporize"

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