January 2, 2011

central perfection


Once in a while
you may come across a place
where everything
seems as close to perfection
as you will ever need.
Ans striving to be faultless
the air on its knees
holds the trees apart,
yet nothing is categorically
thus, or that, and before the dusk
mellows and fails
the light is like honey
on the stems of tussock grass,
and the shadows
are mauve birthmarks
from the hills.

-Brian Turner

this is a poem is about central otago, my place of birth and childhood...
here are a few snaps of the place i will forever call home!

the art of home cooking...i only learn from the best...

aspects from my home

this is the perfect little pozy to catch up on the local news over a cup of tea...

a pencil sketch by father, Robin Whiting

art a plenty..taking in the footsteps of my dad, the house is filled with art work by him and us kids...above is a piece of carving work of my dads..below is a painting i did for my parents...

the house with a touch of christmas spirit

antiques and vintage....

this song is amazing, perfect listening for a lazy day in the garden at home..

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