January 18, 2011

tin sandwich

today with spare hours on hand (got to make the most of this while it lasts) i decided to finally start learning how to play the harmonica i bought 6 months ago! i figured i should probably start off slowly and grabbed a book my friend Jane sent me.."How to be a Harmonica Hero" (complete with a mini harmonica)
in today's lesson i learnt the many different names for the harmonica:

Blues Harp
Short harp
Tin Sandwich
Mouth Organ
Pocket Piano

my shiny new pocket piano..preserved after sitting in its case for 6 months!

the portable mini harmonica..at the ready for jamming out any time of the day

something my little book warns me to watch out for...when you are playing your harmonica and moving from note to note - make sure you move the harmonica...not your head...you may strain your neck!

i'm not quite ready to play like Bob Dylan, for now il stick to mastering 'Hot Cross Buns'

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