January 8, 2011

a day at the pond

today was a perfect day...with what might be the last day of sun we see for the next week, i was all about soaking up the Vit D to get me through!after a nice morning run and catching up with the team at the track i headed back to warm my insides....

so with a touch of inspiration from Kath and her blog Kath Eats Real Food i made a bowl of oatmeal...
oats, milk, cinnamon, chia seeds and chopped up dates were heated in a pot...
then topped with apple, cinnamon and granola...

duck feeding time..a quick trip to the store to get some bread to rock the ducks world!

spurred on by all of the excitement..these two got a tad frisky!

we then ventured off to riverside in search of some more birds to eat the rest of the loaf..
luckily with the river so low we could walk out far enough to find some wildlife!

and so the childhood theme continues...its been a while since i last fed the ducks...today reminded me of how good it feels to give back to the little creatures we share our world with!


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