April 1, 2011

a quick peek

with the cold, dreary little interlude to our gorgeous spring weather this week, i spent a great deal more time indoors..working on projects for school and procrastinating by scrolling through some new collections from some New Zealand designers..with my parents coming over in 4 weeks!!!!i think i may have to get that little sister to pick out some pieces to send over with them..got to represent the home country!
thankfully rosie is GORGEOUS (i don't know how this helps but i just wanted to throw that in there), pretty much the same size as me, and has a great fashion sense!

here's a quick look at some of the awsome stuff coming out of nz at the moment and follow the links to their websites to check out the rest of their collections!

..the only problem is its going into winter in nz..and im counting down the days til summer..but some of these outfits are perfect for 'between seasons'..you can always find a way to justify it..

Jon Thom is a local from my home town Alexandra and went through Dunstan High School a year below me..he is an incredible artist with some very graphic work that he is putting on t-shirts..
i love these prints (rosie take note)..these are a few of his paintings that he prints onto t-shirts
his label is Moody Tuesday..

check out his work here...

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