April 22, 2011


this past tuesday night i ticked a box on my list of things to do before i leave tulsa..finally, after two years, i got amongst the entertainment at cains ballroom..it was the coolest venue iv been to..great ambiance and loved the rustic decor..cains ballroom was built in 1924 and is now known as one of the top performance venues in the world..this explains why tulsa manages to attract great musicians..or is it the buzzing night life and gorgeous scenery that brings them in!?
carl , steve and i started off our night with a cold one at Fat Guy's Burger Bar before we made our way over to The National..the opening band was Other Lives..who unheard of before, i now love..

the concert was awsome, if you ever get a chance to see The National live, do it..no excuses..it will be worth the penny..i promise...
check out a taste of their music... 

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