April 25, 2011

home free

hold up...

dip your hats...

get out the cologne...

its that time of year..school is officially out for summer..that means its sports banquet time, awards, humiliation, playing in the sun..time to set free into the summer rays...
itl be hard to top last year..but we will try..
in preperation for summer ensure to follow these rules:
  1. Get plenty of sleep (not in the sun)
  2. Drink plenty of fluids (but don't pee in the pool)
  3. Make the most of 50cent QT drinks
  4. Apply sunscreen..EVENLY
  5. Wear a hat (no one likes a burnt face)
  6. If you can't swim, don't (or wear floaties)
  7. Choose wisely when considering summer flings
  8. Have fun..you only live once
Just to get you in the mood...Grease - Summer Loving

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