April 27, 2011


as predicted..here is a run down of last nights events...

2011 sports banquet and more importantly the 'real' team awards..
the night started off with a downpour (hail included)..15 minutes before the dinner..so all that time spent straightening our hair almost went to waste..thankfully, a tip picked up in my student days at otago uni, we poked eye holes in plastic bags and wore them on our heads..hair remained straight and only a few people questioned the new look...

family portrait

after the banquet it was time for the 'real' awards..the humiliating team awards, presented my myself, carl, pitbull and dunc..
"they are the awards that leave you saying f*** you with a smile on your face" - pitbull

although we may have humiliated you and pointed out some of the dumbest things you have all done this year..it was all for good reason..theres nothing better than seeing everyone with a smile on their face and having a good laugh..i think the life span of that room increased two-fold last night :)

next up for us...drake relays..safe travels to the team..see you up there tomorrow night!xx

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