November 30, 2011

Back to the farm

Last week I celebrated the end of my collegiate career with the amazing lacey couple and their are some pictures from my american thanks in edmond, oklahoma..and the second on the farm in kansas! So thankful to have that time to spend with them before their big move to seattle, excited for those weekend visits..just a tad.

November 22, 2011

the last dance

how i survived my three days in terre haute without my girls team to keep me company..i do not know..the boys were a great source of entertainment..and they came on coffee dates with me..but it just wasn't the same lining up with 250 athletes and not having fellow tulsa singlets around me..needless to say, you were all sorely missed.
relaxing the days away..
saturday night at the NCAA banquet..complete with boys dressed in suits and frank shorter as the guest speaker..
monday came all to quick..all of a sudden im wearing my tulsa kit for the last time..
all of a sudden, im in the van..were driving to the course..i warm up..strip down..put on my singlet..and 6km later its over. 
my last race, its been a honor to run for the university of tulsa..iv enjoyed every moment!
on to the next chapter

November 17, 2011

tea party

i can not wait to sip tea, relax and enjoy the company of one of the greatest ladies in the world. LANA LACEY, thanksgiving is going to be oh so fine indeed. six days. five sleeps. til you are all mine.

..and with thanksgiving approaching, that means the end of school and my time in tulsa is coming to an end..quickly...
 running through the the ocean :)
...not long now!

November 13, 2011

not done yet

our trip to northern illinois....
chicago by night..after our flight in on thursday we jumped into vans and headed out to dekalb!
..contemplating trying out for lord of the rings..
after dinner it was time for hot tubs for tight calves..or to thaw the was chilly outside!
friday brought a trip for hot coffee to warm the insides..
..a trip to the course, followed by super juice to load up the muscles (i think my facial muscles are frozen..hence the sour face, i actually love that stuff!)
..followed by a night in with greys anatomy to remind myself why im not studying to be a doctor..

saturday was race warmed up a good 10degrees (thank god!) but the wind still whipped in keeping the racing tactical and the jackets in use..the men went first and set the scene for a great day..they managed to finish in third overall, stamping a spot to the NCAA's in a weeks time. they all ran fantastic and gave us girls the little boost we needed before our race! everything works in three's right!? must be true, cause i pulled off third place in the women's race, stamping my own spot at the NCAA's! the rest of the girls all had solid races and ended their season doing tulsa proud with some great racing..can't wait to see what you can all do next year with another seasons experience under your belt!
mens all regional team (minus half who had left to catch flights), congrats to Paulo, Gaz and Carl!
women's all regional team
one last race to go

November 11, 2011

11.11.11 - adding life

thoughts from today..
a day spent inside, wrapped in layers to keep warm from the cold that swamps us outside..
a day in northern illionois, a trip to the course, a trip to get coffee. and that is all.
make no plans...just plan for happiness..

this. from a blog i this, you should all find significance.

"sometimes being strong means being fragile because it means not turning to stone but actually caring for something and throwing yourself into a universe of beautiful mess.
the truth is, some of us are very breakable and the only way is not being afraid of the occasional crackle that is a bone or the heart but knowing about it.
I'm not sure about a lot of things but I'd rather find out about the sure and the unsure myself than letting someone teach me their truth and following a path that is not mine, how enlightened it may be"

songs from today..

November 9, 2011

everyone loves fridays

oh wait, its wednesday today right!? well to me it is friday, cause today was the last day of class for the weekend starts...NOW! tomorrow morning we fly out to Northern Illinois for regionals! time to fight for a spot at the NCAA cross country championships!

No better way to send off the week than enjoying REAL, freshly ground coffee the form of coffee at doubleshot coffee shop..with no other than my international team mates..who also have the taste for decent coffee (no offense america)
thanks josie and jonas for the great company and having an appreciation for good coffee
happy 'friday' :)

November 6, 2011


there was some serious shaking going on in tulsa this weekend..and no it wasn't coming from my apartment..
we had TWO that most had the bliss of sleeping through..the second which rocked..and rocked..and kept rocking for a good couple of minutes as i lay in the comfort of the lazi-boy (was this when i was meant to run to the door frame!?)
i'm putting it down to the crazy weather..FREEZING 29 degrees one day..70 the next..even the earth is shaking its head in confusion..come on tulsa, sort it out.

one thing is for sure..we rocked it at conference last weekend. here are some much delayed photos.
with conference came november..(movember? yes this too is to be a gf this month)..only a month left in tulsa..making the most of every day!

November 2, 2011

alternative halloween

halloween in america for me involves conference usa xc champs..every year..which puts a dampener on weekend partying and trick-a-treating (or do you not still participate in that during college!?)
but being C-USA XC CHAMPIONS is not at all a dampener..well..if your a boy anyway. our guys team managed to defend their championship and win back to back titles this weekend in Houston. with a much younger team than last year, the girls put up a great fight and nearly had the double sealed but we got beaten at the line by SMU by a measley 2 points..runners up was still not a dampener, and i enjoyed not being as damp as i would have been if we won..i wasn't looking forward to being thrown in the lake (anything to motivate those girls ae!) it was an awsome weekend trip, congratulations to everyone! you guys all did tulsa, coach and me proud..its been an amazing last few months!!

here are a few pictures from our early halloween celebrations and glimpse of homecoming (which we also always miss)..thank god we love xc :)
mother erin, carrying twins? i sure hope this isn't a glimpse of the near future erin..!?
mario cart
homecoming bombfire and fireworks on the U
an early celebration for the guys CONFERENCE WIN!! 
on to the next thing..