November 13, 2011

not done yet

our trip to northern illinois....
chicago by night..after our flight in on thursday we jumped into vans and headed out to dekalb!
..contemplating trying out for lord of the rings..
after dinner it was time for hot tubs for tight calves..or to thaw the was chilly outside!
friday brought a trip for hot coffee to warm the insides..
..a trip to the course, followed by super juice to load up the muscles (i think my facial muscles are frozen..hence the sour face, i actually love that stuff!)
..followed by a night in with greys anatomy to remind myself why im not studying to be a doctor..

saturday was race warmed up a good 10degrees (thank god!) but the wind still whipped in keeping the racing tactical and the jackets in use..the men went first and set the scene for a great day..they managed to finish in third overall, stamping a spot to the NCAA's in a weeks time. they all ran fantastic and gave us girls the little boost we needed before our race! everything works in three's right!? must be true, cause i pulled off third place in the women's race, stamping my own spot at the NCAA's! the rest of the girls all had solid races and ended their season doing tulsa proud with some great racing..can't wait to see what you can all do next year with another seasons experience under your belt!
mens all regional team (minus half who had left to catch flights), congrats to Paulo, Gaz and Carl!
women's all regional team
one last race to go

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