November 2, 2011

alternative halloween

halloween in america for me involves conference usa xc champs..every year..which puts a dampener on weekend partying and trick-a-treating (or do you not still participate in that during college!?)
but being C-USA XC CHAMPIONS is not at all a dampener..well..if your a boy anyway. our guys team managed to defend their championship and win back to back titles this weekend in Houston. with a much younger team than last year, the girls put up a great fight and nearly had the double sealed but we got beaten at the line by SMU by a measley 2 points..runners up was still not a dampener, and i enjoyed not being as damp as i would have been if we won..i wasn't looking forward to being thrown in the lake (anything to motivate those girls ae!) it was an awsome weekend trip, congratulations to everyone! you guys all did tulsa, coach and me proud..its been an amazing last few months!!

here are a few pictures from our early halloween celebrations and glimpse of homecoming (which we also always miss)..thank god we love xc :)
mother erin, carrying twins? i sure hope this isn't a glimpse of the near future erin..!?
mario cart
homecoming bombfire and fireworks on the U
an early celebration for the guys CONFERENCE WIN!! 
on to the next thing..

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