November 6, 2011


there was some serious shaking going on in tulsa this weekend..and no it wasn't coming from my apartment..
we had TWO that most had the bliss of sleeping through..the second which rocked..and rocked..and kept rocking for a good couple of minutes as i lay in the comfort of the lazi-boy (was this when i was meant to run to the door frame!?)
i'm putting it down to the crazy weather..FREEZING 29 degrees one day..70 the next..even the earth is shaking its head in confusion..come on tulsa, sort it out.

one thing is for sure..we rocked it at conference last weekend. here are some much delayed photos.
with conference came november..(movember? yes this too is to be a gf this month)..only a month left in tulsa..making the most of every day!

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