October 24, 2011

in becoming

becoming human is a project, and our task is not so much to discover who we are are as to create ourselves
im daydreaming about taking a road trip.. 
as a means to create.

October 23, 2011

concrete land

today i present to you items of evidence for the debate..is tulsa a concrete land?
item 1: a gorgeous little..marshmallow!?
(im not sure how this fits in but i just wanted to put up a picture of this little one. Debbie's little girl Kaila is nearly at her first birthday, boy the year has gone fast! was great to have her watching our track workout..got to start them young these days)
item 2: running/walking/hobbling in trees, fall colours..
item 3: water, shrubbery..
item 4: bridges, dirt, over grown grass..
 we do have trees. we do have trails.
tulsa is not all concrete. honest.
is this proof enough to settle the debate?

October 17, 2011

a break away

mid-terms and an overwhelming amount of assignments has had me bogged down the last two weeks..i needed a break..a break from the library, a break from school, a break from the monotones routine and a break from tulsa..maybe 9 hours on a bus will suffice? i at least tried it.
we spent the weekend up in illinois/indiana..stayed in one state, raced in the other..don't ask..its tradition.
heading north we got to see some real signs of fall..beautiful colours and leaves everywhere...
we spent saturday checking out the pre-nationals course and goofing around..
...spent saturday evening in casey, illinois..fine dining at cracker barrel before race day on sunday..
the mens team hit the line first..braced the windy conditions and set the scene for a successful weekend..the team finished in 6th place..
eager to do the same the girls got aggressive at the start of our 6k..a little more than others..sarah fell and dislocated her shoulder..but the rest of us made the finish line..placing 10th overall!

exhausted after the race it was time for another break..a well deserved break..maybe another 10hours in a bus will suffice?

October 12, 2011

leave it to the breeze

with autumn comes leaves, burnt orange colours highlighted by afternoon sun and warm evening breezes...
such a peaceful, beautiful time of the day, until the moment is disrupted by wind blowers..what happened to the rake?
full moon peaking out from behind the clouds as we left for our morning run
an autumn outfit, with a touch from ocean beach..a little gift from him
can't we just let the breeze do the work? if not, i think we should bring back the rake

October 9, 2011

falls here. but im not falling.

Chumbawumba - Tubthumping
the signs of fall are here
we can't see where are feet go on 6am morning runs
we get to run at 10am on the weekend without suffering heat exhaustion
i purchase pumpkin
i make pumpkin flavoured treats
i spend WAY too much time in the library. midterms. gross.
i wear tights.
i get knocked down with my first cold of the year.
but i get up again.
saturday recovery run at post oak lodge
saturday recovery fuel: pumpkin oatmeal + lemon and honey drink
there are so many ways to do this but i followed a recipe from katheats

October 3, 2011

a quarter at a time

rugby world cup update..cause none of you already know..the AB's stormed their way into the quarter finals with a 79-15 win over canada in the weekend..a convincing start to the rugby world cup..more convincing than the aussies..we are un-beaten..and we dicked all our opponents. no messing around. next up to fall at our feet, Argentina.
a proud kiwi on the other side of the world..flag hang in the most prominent place in the living room..
a proud kiwi who got a treat, sent with love and care, all the way from the other side of the world..to nathan barret..not me..but in which i still got to enjoy. 
a homemade anzac biscuit. thanks to nathans mum for her care packages and the little taste of home!
speaking of care packages..i use to get these..when i lived 2 hours from home and produce use to make it safely, without having been tampered with..the distance has meant it's been a while..and im nearly out of marmite..just saying.

October 2, 2011

how il remember fall running

this weekend the thunderstorms held off, the sun rose, the crisp fall air warmed, and we finally got our xc season underway. saturday we drove to stillwater for the cowboy jamboree meet..a course that had 1k less than expected and AT LEAST 3 more steep hills than i was expecting..nothing like the element of surprise right!? 
early morning sunrise on the drive..
post race...a race that didn't quite go to plan..i blame my eagerness at running 1k less:)..we headed to eskimo joes, a famous old restaurant in stillwater..chilli cheese fries anyone? not me thanks, but the atmosphere was great..filled bellies we returned to tulsa

continuation of the weekend of sun rises..this morning we got a sleep in..7am, oh yea..but were still up in time for another spectacular sunrise at mohawk park..destination for our recovery long run in the trails..the fog sitting upon the lake gave it such an airy feeling..
glad for the early starts to my days, glad the rain stayed away, glad we got our first proper race in and glad i got to spend the weekend with my amazing team x

time to start another week: