September 28, 2011

stop in time

time: too much until i see him again, too little left here, but enough to enjoy right now...
live the moment...make it yours

September 26, 2011

indoor outdoor flow

another weekend of discovery in tulsa..pj was in for a short, sweet visit..which prompted me to do some of those things that i haven't done 'cause i live here, which means i can do it whenever right!?'..friday we went to phillbrook museum to see the amazing architecture, paintings and gardens..a place i have been meaning to go see ever since i got to sure glad i got this in before i left! i felt like i was in a completely different world, it was a nice escape from the concrete surroundings of campus
living art?
indoors to the beautiful sunshine and flowers outdoors
wild flowers tangled amongst the vines, supporting the vast array of wild life
im guna keep working away at that bucket list..2.5 months to go..and so much of tulsa to still see!

September 16, 2011

where its okay to skull litres of beer..anytime of the day

good start by the AB's, two convincing wins. one versus tonga with a 41 - 10 victory, the other versus japan, where they slaughtered them 83 - 7. yip thats the way we roll, no mercy.

here are some shots from back home..wish so much that i could be there..dressing up..having an excuse to act masculine, skulling beers, burping and doing the haka...having an excuse to be hangover every morning..its the world cup..professors understand right!?
this guys got the right idea
ahhhhh nz beauty, the snow caps of Mt Taranaki
oh..i thought these were kiwi's..but then i noticed the extra star..these guys are definitely aussie supporters..
try time

September 15, 2011

adding a little spice

life needs variety..the occasional surprise..something to keep us on our toes..variations in day to day life that make our lives when today we woke up to low 50's and the forecast of a high of 58 degrees for the day, i took this as a necessary change...i embraced it, brought out the winter coat and thanked tulsa for the fluctuating weather..just two days ago it was 100 degrees. yes thats a considerable contrast. tulsa doesn't like to do things by 'halves'..
perfect time to wear my new fall dress..
..add woolen cardi, winter coat and tights to brave the elements..
..add survive the full day of classes..
..add variety to spice up your life.
..and try the new pumpkin spiced chai tea at the library coffee will warm your insides.

September 11, 2011

who wouldn't want to be a distance runner?

today. at 5.45am. not only the 45 cross country athletes and coaches..but our ENTIRE team (sprinters, throwers, decathletes) awoke to a gorgeous full moon, gorgeous sunrise and a long tempo run on riverside. warranted..the xc guys did 14.5miles, the girls 10.5miles..the sprinters..2 miles..but this is distance running for them..they still got up at the crack of dawn, they still brought humour and smiles to brighten our sunday..they still participated in their first early morning still made my day. with sunday tempo runs on your guys should definitely be aloud to join us on float trip. pity i won't be here to see you all try the hill workout.
starting our run before really thankful people can't actually see me at this time in the morning
sunshine on the drive home..warming my insides before ice time..
body warmth
another day of training over.nap time.

September 10, 2011

ride the hay bail

university (aka college) are the best years of our life right!? listen to your parents "enjoy it while you can"..yet when the best years are rolling i find myself just letting it roll, instead of stopping that hay bail, jumping on top and riding that thing through all its bumps and turns. sometimes we need a wee reminder to embrace every moment. the here and now. the right now. make each second memorable.

i'm thankful to have experienced so many memorable moments in college so and america have offered me such an array of different experiences. this post is a dedication, this is not living in the past...this is taking this moment to reflect on what has made me, me.
year 1..carrington college, dunedin, nz..themed hops..too much booze..where i learnt how to party AND pass health science...
year 2..30 warrender st, dunedin..where i learnt how to combat mold..
..where i learnt how to sing (you can thank singstar)..
..where i met the most amazing and talented bunch of flat mates..
..where i taught those vege flat mates how to cook sausies on the barby..
year 3..105 harbour tce, dunedin..
..where i learnt you can still dress up like first year's..even when your a 3rd year med student..
..where i met dumble dee..
..where i learnt that after all those years of fighting..i really do love my brother and sister..
..where i learnt that america was awaiting me.

for old times sake..a tribute to erica, hannah, jane and SJ..