September 15, 2011

adding a little spice

life needs variety..the occasional surprise..something to keep us on our toes..variations in day to day life that make our lives when today we woke up to low 50's and the forecast of a high of 58 degrees for the day, i took this as a necessary change...i embraced it, brought out the winter coat and thanked tulsa for the fluctuating weather..just two days ago it was 100 degrees. yes thats a considerable contrast. tulsa doesn't like to do things by 'halves'..
perfect time to wear my new fall dress..
..add woolen cardi, winter coat and tights to brave the elements..
..add survive the full day of classes..
..add variety to spice up your life.
..and try the new pumpkin spiced chai tea at the library coffee will warm your insides.

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