September 10, 2011

ride the hay bail

university (aka college) are the best years of our life right!? listen to your parents "enjoy it while you can"..yet when the best years are rolling i find myself just letting it roll, instead of stopping that hay bail, jumping on top and riding that thing through all its bumps and turns. sometimes we need a wee reminder to embrace every moment. the here and now. the right now. make each second memorable.

i'm thankful to have experienced so many memorable moments in college so and america have offered me such an array of different experiences. this post is a dedication, this is not living in the past...this is taking this moment to reflect on what has made me, me.
year 1..carrington college, dunedin, nz..themed hops..too much booze..where i learnt how to party AND pass health science...
year 2..30 warrender st, dunedin..where i learnt how to combat mold..
..where i learnt how to sing (you can thank singstar)..
..where i met the most amazing and talented bunch of flat mates..
..where i taught those vege flat mates how to cook sausies on the barby..
year 3..105 harbour tce, dunedin..
..where i learnt you can still dress up like first year's..even when your a 3rd year med student..
..where i met dumble dee..
..where i learnt that after all those years of fighting..i really do love my brother and sister..
..where i learnt that america was awaiting me.

for old times sake..a tribute to erica, hannah, jane and SJ..

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