April 27, 2011


as predicted..here is a run down of last nights events...

2011 sports banquet and more importantly the 'real' team awards..
the night started off with a downpour (hail included)..15 minutes before the dinner..so all that time spent straightening our hair almost went to waste..thankfully, a tip picked up in my student days at otago uni, we poked eye holes in plastic bags and wore them on our heads..hair remained straight and only a few people questioned the new look...

family portrait

after the banquet it was time for the 'real' awards..the humiliating team awards, presented my myself, carl, pitbull and dunc..
"they are the awards that leave you saying f*** you with a smile on your face" - pitbull

although we may have humiliated you and pointed out some of the dumbest things you have all done this year..it was all for good reason..theres nothing better than seeing everyone with a smile on their face and having a good laugh..i think the life span of that room increased two-fold last night :)

next up for us...drake relays..safe travels to the team..see you up there tomorrow night!xx

April 25, 2011

home free

hold up...

dip your hats...

get out the cologne...

its that time of year..school is officially out for summer..that means its sports banquet time, awards, humiliation, playing in the sun..time to set free into the summer rays...
itl be hard to top last year..but we will try..
in preperation for summer ensure to follow these rules:
  1. Get plenty of sleep (not in the sun)
  2. Drink plenty of fluids (but don't pee in the pool)
  3. Make the most of 50cent QT drinks
  4. Apply sunscreen..EVENLY
  5. Wear a hat (no one likes a burnt face)
  6. If you can't swim, don't (or wear floaties)
  7. Choose wisely when considering summer flings
  8. Have fun..you only live once
Just to get you in the mood...Grease - Summer Loving

April 22, 2011


this past tuesday night i ticked a box on my list of things to do before i leave tulsa..finally, after two years, i got amongst the entertainment at cains ballroom..it was the coolest venue iv been to..great ambiance and loved the rustic decor..cains ballroom was built in 1924 and is now known as one of the top performance venues in the world..this explains why tulsa manages to attract great musicians..or is it the buzzing night life and gorgeous scenery that brings them in!?
carl , steve and i started off our night with a cold one at Fat Guy's Burger Bar before we made our way over to The National..the opening band was Other Lives..who unheard of before, i now love..

the concert was awsome, if you ever get a chance to see The National live, do it..no excuses..it will be worth the penny..i promise...
check out a taste of their music... 

April 20, 2011


dating: defined by massive usage of cologne and awkward sweaty hand holding

this is for all those who iv preached to about the differences in dating culture between New Zealand and America..finally i have something/someone to confirm what i say..
alwayssometimesanytime, a NZ blog i follow, posted a opinion piece today on the top five dating deal breakers..i must quote when they say "dating culture is fairly non-existent in New Zealand and mainly consists of inebriated take homes and next day guilt sessions"..i admit, this is how it was always (and still is) done..the world of dinner and coffee dates, where you play the 'get to know each other' cards just don't happen..we tend to skip that part..instead filing through blurs of memory to try come up with a name for that guy thats spotted doing the walk of shame from your flat the next morning...

this article is a good laugh, guys just a heads up..a common theme popped up..DON'T wear 3/4 pants, roll your jeans up too high or wear anything that resembles cargo pants..instant fail."Opening car doors, pulling out chairs? No thanks, i have arms" ..take note.
if you need a few smiles today have a read of the witty article..you'll definitely get a few giggles..and you may even pick up some tips ;)

have a listen, grab a beer and enjoy your night!
Radiohead - True Love Waits

the count down is on...two weeks til summer break xx

April 18, 2011

16.03 minus 17

mt sac - "where the world's best runners go to compete"
a small group of us took flight last wednesday to race in the mt sac relays in LA..we hoped for perfect conditions, great competition and some regional qualifying marks..and LA didn't let us down!

watching the sunset whilst flying to the coast...

pacific palms resort..the view from our balcony..

track time on thursday night..carl's record breaking steeple race plus catching up with fellow kiwi's..

brantly amongst the action on friday night..men and women's 5000m..

result: take 16.03..add a year's hard training..minus 17..and you get 15.46..
check out the elite women's 5000m here

congrats to carl on his new school record and everyone who ran pr's in the perfect distance running conditions!with goal #1 down, its time to have some fun running races less than 12.5 laps before the business end of the season!
peace xx

April 12, 2011

rising in the east

6am and i was out getting an easy run in before class..no wind..no noise..just birds chirping and the pounding of my feet..i managed to snatch these photo's looking east as i was stretching on the balcony post-run..

sunrise 6.55am


the gorgeous day has continued..its now 75, no wind and blue skies..great day to ride the bicycle!

katie, my non-blood sister, sent me this song to listen to..its a great one to chill to as the rest of the world is still sleeping..
miss you katie

April 8, 2011


with no words to speak...we then have time to think...

"In much of your talking, thinking is half murdered. For thought is a bird of space, that in a cage of words may indeed unfold its wings but cannot fly."
-Kahlil Gibran

friday was a day of solitude..relaxing in the sun, wandering the walkways, listening to rhythmic beats, gathering my thoughts..and exposing bare arms and legs..how i love that the warm days are here (and i mean warm..90 degrees today!)

this little number has been added to my growing wish-list..

"a man can be himself only so long as he is alone...for it is only when he is alone that he is truly free"