September 4, 2011

start of the end

this is it..the last season, the last time wearing blue and gold..this is the calm before the storm
we kicked off our cross country season with the hurricane festival at mohawk park..2 miles? yes please..can't just jump straight into it ae!?
it was great to see all the girls and guys putting up a great run to start the season! there is no-one id rather spend that fun couple of hours before sunrise with..when we are all sleep deprived, grumpy, hungry AND have to every one of you, you are a great bunch!

the lads getting ready for their 4 miler
i was just keeping the freshmen on their toes..honestly..i didnt actually think the 5 minute warning gun was the start of the race..
here's a little video coverage of the race..
and a little race summery here

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