October 2, 2011

how il remember fall running

this weekend the thunderstorms held off, the sun rose, the crisp fall air warmed, and we finally got our xc season underway. saturday we drove to stillwater for the cowboy jamboree meet..a course that had 1k less than expected and AT LEAST 3 more steep hills than i was expecting..nothing like the element of surprise right!? 
early morning sunrise on the drive..
post race...a race that didn't quite go to plan..i blame my eagerness at running 1k less:)..we headed to eskimo joes, a famous old restaurant in stillwater..chilli cheese fries anyone? not me thanks, but the atmosphere was great..filled bellies we returned to tulsa

continuation of the weekend of sun rises..this morning we got a sleep in..7am, oh yea..but were still up in time for another spectacular sunrise at mohawk park..destination for our recovery long run in the trails..the fog sitting upon the lake gave it such an airy feeling..
glad for the early starts to my days, glad the rain stayed away, glad we got our first proper race in and glad i got to spend the weekend with my amazing team x

time to start another week:

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