October 17, 2011

a break away

mid-terms and an overwhelming amount of assignments has had me bogged down the last two weeks..i needed a break..a break from the library, a break from school, a break from the monotones routine and a break from tulsa..maybe 9 hours on a bus will suffice? i at least tried it.
we spent the weekend up in illinois/indiana..stayed in one state, raced in the other..don't ask..its tradition.
heading north we got to see some real signs of fall..beautiful colours and leaves everywhere...
we spent saturday checking out the pre-nationals course and goofing around..
...spent saturday evening in casey, illinois..fine dining at cracker barrel before race day on sunday..
the mens team hit the line first..braced the windy conditions and set the scene for a successful weekend..the team finished in 6th place..
eager to do the same the girls got aggressive at the start of our 6k..a little more than others..sarah fell and dislocated her shoulder..but the rest of us made the finish line..placing 10th overall!

exhausted after the race it was time for another break..a well deserved break..maybe another 10hours in a bus will suffice?

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