March 29, 2011


yesterday i was walking through campus and spotted a friend a good distance away and reached that decisive i say hello? even though i will be raising my voice to an innapropriate level? do i instead pretend i didn't see them and continue walking? do i wave and hope they see my arm flailing about? do we just make eye contact and acknowledge the others presence?
what is the acceptable distance that requires no acknowledgement of anothers presence? how far do they need to be away before it's just too far?
really, you just want to avoid that awkward situation where you wave or say hi and get no response..leaving you feeling a tad silly, a little blushed and looking over your shoulder to make sure no-body saw...
i guess it all depends on the many other people are around (cause if its a deserted street il be glad to bellow out a chirpy "hi")...
then i thought why do i even care; why waste this moment even thinking these thoughts?why not just pretend the street is always empty?
i should just stop caring about feeling silly, bellow out hi anyway and who cares if they don't respond..surely, all in all, it doesn't matter..
we shouldn't worry about what people will think...if we want to fly we have to let go of that which holds us down...

"worries are like helium balloons, let them go and they float away" - rosie leah whiting

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