March 27, 2011

searching racks

spring is here...
the temperature 'was' warming up (until it dropped to 30 today, brrr)..
the flowers are out...
it must be time to go find some new spring outfits...

Lauren, Erin and i took a friday afternoon drive to some thrift stores in tulsa to find some original pieces for all the outside activities planned for the warm weather...

this day was a day of firsts..not only my first time to the thrift stores in tulsa but also my first experience of sonic..half price happy hour..couldn't turn that down!

long dress for spring..this one was made by my mum way back before i was born.. definitely an original!

despite these arm fulls of clothes, i only ended up with one skirt and one top..

can't wait till it warms back up this week so i can wear this outside of the apartment :)
a song for today
thanks steve x

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