March 6, 2011

lost habits

Otago University...1st year, fresher flu, carrington and health science...the year i left home and the year i learnt what it means to really 'study'..
that was way back in 2007..young, innocent and 18 i set of from home to university. it was a wild year and one that will never be forgotten!all the memories have been flooding back this past two weeks as i watch my little sister, rosie, walk in my footsteps...she moved into carrington college to start her fresher year..studying 1st year health science..the year that taught me everything about how to study hard and knuckle down!talking to her and thinking about my first year at uni made me realize that in the last two years i really haven't done much study..AT ALL!school in the States is such a breeze in comparison to NZ that i have lost ALL good study habits!so this week, with three exams looming, i decided it was time to rectify that...time to find a quiet space of my own...

a quiet space in the library here..a stark contrast to the library at health sci students lining up at 8am outside the library to RUN to a seat so they can set up camp for the girls strutting around the library trying to pick up a date for the w.e running fb cometary of who is making the most irritating noises in the library..actually NO people at all..just me and a quiet room.

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