March 1, 2011

silver lining

the trip to the big city..Houston, Texas..venue for the C-USA Indoor Track and Field Championships:

we arrived engulfed in what to us seemed like full on summer weather..running in the early evening in shorts and crop tops (this may have been a tad extreme) and sweating like it was a summers day...
news that there were snow flurries in Tulsa only made this oh so much sweeter!
the championships kicked off friday night with the men's which time i got to sit back, relax and cheer for my team time for me..saturday 3.20pm..

the view by night from our room on the 27th floor..lights of downtown houston...

four to a room...and two to a bed...luckily i was with the little when they said 'roll over' i still managed to stay in bed!

day 2 on the track and both tulsa teams showed their dominance in the distance events..rounding up the competition with some blistering 4x400m relays and a couple of trophy's :)
special mention to those athletes who ran the 5000m, 1 mile, 3000m triple...48 laps around the track...thats a lot of laps!

Tulsa Women's Team - 2nd

Tulsa Men's Team - 2nd

congratulations to guys all did me proud!

check out some of the action...
C-USA Womens Mile

more entertainment for you...
here's a song i just discovered..the video is really airy and i love the effects..check it out!

Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers

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