February 22, 2011

8 days/18 months

coffee drinkers fall into four categories:

  • the social drinker (these are the ones who don't really enjoy it all that much, but jump on the bandwagon so they can go on coffee dates catch all the gossip)
  • the occasional drinker (these are the ones who only drink it when they feel its necessary or when they have a craving to satisfy)
  • the regular drinker (these are the ones who enjoy a mug or two each day..but are quite happy to go a day without if circumstances prevent it)
  • the coffee-holic (these are the one's that have the coffee machine set so the coffee is drip-dripping away when they wake up..the ones that will drive 4 miles out of the way to find a good coffee shop..those that rely on their coffee fix to get through the day..you know who im talking about!)

today is the first day i have drunken a cup of coffee in 8 DAYS!!this must be the longest 'no coffee' streak in a long time..not only is me not drinking coffee for 8 days surprising..but its also surprising that i haven't even wanted to!i haven't felt drowsy and i haven't craved the taste..actually its been the complete opposite..the thought of it made my tummy squirm (i know being sick is to blame for this)..but i think that its been a good thing..iv re-assessed how much i was drinking, realized i don't really need that much..and made a new resolution..

til this day...i think i was on the verge of category four...after today...im committing to category two (but maybe three is more realistic!??)

..a nice vanilla soy latte..and my the first sip of coffee in 8 days..mmmmm

today i also found this hiding...nothing beats freshly cracked pepper..you could say its a necessity on every meal..but due to my stubbornness..i have refused to buy one..and have suffered without since i moved to the states...thats 18 MONTHS!!
..little did i know iv actually had one all along!!

the pepper grinder in all its glory

...freshly cracked!!

no better way to finish off a great day than this gorgeous sunset i watched from my balcony (no coffee in hand...yet a glass of red instead :)

enjoy xx

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