February 15, 2011

the take over

nothing like a few sick days to catch up on my blogging..
yesterday i discovered a new blog fresh out of New Zealand called always-sometimes-anytime!i have been looking over some of the posts the last few days and getting some inspiration for some spring outfits to go with the spring weather that we finally have! hopefully its goodbye to snow storms and blizzards for another year!
the anytime section of the site shows photo shoots from various designers and photographers!

these are some photos from a shoot named a room of one's own
it refers to an essay by Virginia Woolf regarding why women lacked creativity in her time
it brings up an interesting point..we all need our own space..the best way to explore yourself is being alone with yourself..with room and time to think.

this post was fitting in the respect that recently i have been thinking a lot about how technology is taking us over.
one particular incident that came to mind how facebook is replacing other means of communication..after an extraordinarily race by one of my team mates this weekend we all made our way back to the hotel to try and get some sleep before the next day of racing!despite all staying within a few doors of him, all having his cellphone number, and all having seen him after the race to congratulate him in person..some still found it necessary to post congratulations to him via facebook!?!its sad that normal communication chanels are being over ridden by technology..that we no longer get to see the emotions that go along with the words "congratulations"..for a moment i decided deleting my facebook account was in due order..then thought how will i keep in contact with all those friends in other parts of the world!?seems i too have let technology take me over..
in saying that, im going to go hand write a letter home..

for today...take time out to be by yourself and do your own thing
for me, this means getting this body of mine healthy again...

step 1: open all windows to let in the fresh air and sunshine
step 2: blend up a heap of nutritious foods and slurp them down (feels so much easier to drink rather than eat when your sick right!?!)
step 3: go for a barefoot walk in the beautiful warm weather
step 4: rest 

banana, vanilla yoghurt, soy milk, oats, chia seeds...

...blueberries and more yoghurt...blended up

essential peanut butter on top :)

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