February 10, 2011

momentarily conformed

six months ago i made a pact with myself and katie that i would no longer roll out of bed into a pair of trackies to go to class..why have a wardrobe full of cute outfits and never wear them..?so every day i have stayed true to that pact..and have been loving wearing and buying new items to add to my growing collection..
then two days ago..i just had no option..i swear..there was another blizzard and due to already missing a week of school, they were determined that no matter what..we WOULD have class!with -11 farenheit wind chill..snow in my face..and another 6 inches of snow on top of what was already there..there was NO way i was going to squeeze into a pair of jeans or brave tights and a skirt..

one: my boots and shoes are not equipped to deal with treaking through snow 
two: i would freeze to death

and hence i put on trainers and massive grey sweats and joined the fashion trend the Tulsa school community appears to abide by..this will be the only time for a long while.i promise :)

i learnt this one from a well trained Canadian friend..nothings worse than soggy socks huh!

dressed to brave the elements..it was off to class..

this has to be one of the sickest songs which is rocking my world at the moment..thanks to pj :)

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