February 18, 2011

one step back

with some much needed alone time the last few days it gave me a chance to stand back and and look at the big picture..

i got sick because something in my life was out of balance..things just weren't ticking along as usual..
getting so caught up in life i didnt even stop to figure out why..until i had to!this week has forced me to slow down, find that inner peace and get back to being me!

"One manages it by climbing a ladder, which is to say by seeing things from a higher vantage point. When you do that, events that formerly seemed huge (because they're close) take their place in a deeper landscape and no longer stand out with the same prominence as before".
-Daniel Quinn, The Story Of B

today i was off campus enjoying some sunshine and came across an old building that caught my eye..reminding me of some art work i was working on several years ago in New Zealand...

..and thus the inspiration for some sketching i plan to start this next week.

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