February 2, 2011


tuesday morning...peeking out my window from behind the curtains i saw this!
snow covered Tulsa..and a state of emergency..?it was true..a little dusting of snow (not going to lie, i too was over whelmed by the amount of snow that had fallen) and the city shut down...grocery stores were bought out of essentials (thats right, all pre-packaged fried food was gone!?!) and cars were snowed in!

...and so began the snow days!school cancelled for the week..but not training..
so the new hang out place for the team is collins fitness center..thus began my journey there in the blizzard!

only afew hundred meters but quite the adventure!

after taking over the treadmills and showing the gym kids whats up...
we got a good glimpse of the actual depth of the snow against the gym window..

day two: the sun was out but the snow stayed..sub zero temperatures and you'd think we'd wrap up indoors..no way..it was time to get amongst it and let off some steam.. 

a school wide snow-ball fight..(i hid behind the fort) and walks in the snow was the activity of choice today..along with another two runs on the treadmill..that must be four times in two days..lets hope the paths clear soon!

watch this space

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