January 23, 2011

depending for significance upon something else

its been a busy week in Tulsa, unfortunately we didn't get a day off class with the arrival of snow fall #2...
instead we trumped to class, avoiding the slippery pathways and wrapping up in hats and gloves!
training was taken indoors this time with a little more snow on the streets..

4 inches of snow and we all turned to shut down mode..streets we icy so no driving, paths were icy so no running outdoors, it was COLD so no playing outside...then i looked at my brother, Chris's, photos from Hokkaido, Japan and felt a tad silly...
over 5 meters of snow..BLOODY FREEZING temperatures and yet life goes on as usual..plenty of play time on the slopes, plenty of work and definitely no hibernating inside!
but everything is relative..depending for significance upon something else...it may only be half as cold here..and a dusting of snow..but for me this sure is wintery enough!

some photos from Hokkaino that Chris has taken...

Chris skiing in the (body deep?) snow..

this time is far away for Chris..the melting of my snow..it was enjoyed for 3 days, but i sure am glad its going!

just a few patches are left!

although far from home, in the midst of winter..we havn't forgotten our roots..or that you are all enjoying summer right now!!

..this is a kiwi band who started playing on our home turf...

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