December 29, 2010

take to the sky

i tried to fly when i was young..didnt succeed..yet yesterday i think i came close...
flying through the Kawarea Gorge with the roof down on a gorgeous sunny central day, my hair blowing crazy in the was total could smell and hear everything around you...we shouldn't trap ourselves inside and surround ourselves with walls, we miss out on everything that makes our world...the living...

dad and i finished the adventure in little Arrowtown, one of the most peaceful and laid back towns in the better way to enjoy the holidays than with a pint of GOOD beer in hand and some good yarns with my old man..

horse and cart..still a popular way to travel in our thrid world country

scenes around arrowtown

coffee stop at Joe's coffee iv had back home to date

beer time...we had lunch and tried out the beer menu at arrow brewery

...and sat out in the sun getting nicely 'tanned'

mmm venison pie

this place is worth a visit...make sure you come prepared to just sit and sample some great beer

nothing beats family time, go take your dad out for a pint or two...theres sure to be some good stories and memories come of it!

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