December 4, 2010

trance of thought

its that time of year when all you see upon the leaf stricken grounds of campus are squirrels and the occasional sole wanderer off to find their quiet spot to study..
with the cold weather creeping in and exams lurking in the future days..we are left to snuggle amongst blankets and laze around in the warmth of the indoors..trying to use those brain cells which have hopefully lasted the semester.

after a break away on the coast with past friends (jamo).. replenishing the body with goodies was necessary to get the brain ready for the last week of school...

hangover cure of choice..kombucha tea, wheat-grass smoothie and a bowl of yogurt

topped off with chia seeds, blueberries, granola and honey..num num

me and katie hit up the library..most necessary accessory: double shot coffee

a little treat for this week, we escaped to cheery st cafe to study and were lucky to catch live music

a quiet spot in the back room..lots of books to keep us occupied and some yummy hot chocolate!

another day and another trip to the library..breaky in a jar to keep the brain waves flowing

 an essential ingredient, introduced to me by katie, is the 'runners food': chia seeds...these little beauties are thought to increase endurance..building muscle and tissue and helping us retain moisture, thus regulating more efficiently the bodies absorption of nutrients and body fluids..a lot of benefits for a little seed.

time to knuckle down and put on some chill beats...

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