December 8, 2010

baking with katie

katie has finally got a degree and is now done with school..with only 6 days left with this amazing girl I've taken to stalking her at all hours of the day to soak up all her unique and wonderful attributes..

the cold weather calls for soup making..and what better way to enjoy a good bowl of minestrone than round the table with your favourite people..!?this is one tactic to get katie to sit still long enough so we can all stare and admire her..

i spent my sunday afternoon baking foccacia bread with the purpose of winning katie over

kneading in process..

family dining

katie has a bit of a sweet tooth so in order to please her we had to make brownie for after...the lengths we would go to for this girl :)

can't wait to spend the next 6 days hanging out with her 

a song liked by all 5..hope you enjoy too 

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