June 18, 2011


the ability to stand long periods of being at a place you rather would like to leave

this week i have been doing a bit of driving..well actually a lot of driving..which explains my lack of updates..also loosing my camera at the drake track adds to the predicament..lets sure hope who-ever took it enjoys my photos :)

im currently playing the waiting game at denver airport..8 hours til my flight back to my second home..san diego!last summer was pretty epic..buying a car and driving across the states..climbing mountains..meeting so many amazing people..vegas..california..every national park imaginable..it is one that will definitely be hard to match..but i love a good challenge..

thankyou to everyone for the support leading up to nationals..a great race but i didnt have the legs in the last two laps to keep up with the milers!also cheers for the birthday wishes..i plan to celebrate in style..more than once..round two goes down upon arrival to san diego..let the fun begin.
much love xx

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