June 24, 2011

pedal power

two wheels are better than four..oh and better than one..me on a uni cycle would be ridiculous!the most necessary birthday gift was this new toy that pj surprised me with on sunday..no better way to get around the beaches and all my desired destinations..whilst saving petrol..not polluting the atmosphere..and getting extra fit..cause i don't already run enough..

wednesday this week was my first beach day this summer..it was an awsome day..right up there on the 1-10 scale at an 11..after exercising in the a.m i biked to pacific beach to have lunch with pj..then biked home to ocean beach again to study for the looming GRE exam (this part wasn't quite as awsome)..but then soon enough it was market time..

fresh green goodness to add to the fridge!

the evening was capped off with some surfing and a picnic on the beach with the Belshin family in Del Mar..as in surfing i mean i 'watched' the guys surf..that counts right!?

lets hope the sun comes out next week so we can do this all over again

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