June 1, 2012

chasing sheep

if i was as good as dogs at chasing sheep we'd be eating some pretty decent roast lamb dinners every sunday. but unfortunately i don't quite have the skills, what i have in speed and endurance is by far outweighed by my lack of stealthiness and barking. pity.

this past week Mum and I took a trip up to Wanaka to watch the National Sheep Dog Trials which my Uncle Andy was competing in and my Uncle Dave was lending a hand letting the sheep out of the pen. A description of such a spectacle is really hard to do whilst giving this classic kiwi event the credit it deserves..but i shall try.
farm trucks + farm dogs + paddocks + fences + tussock + swanndri's + gumboots + mud + pie's + sausage rolls + scones with cream + hot tea + cold speights + roast mutton....getting the picture? maybe not. hopefully the photos will help.

location: Alphaburn Station
after we arrived and caught up with Uncle Andy i headed out for long run on the trail from Glendu Bay to Wanaka. It was nice to be out of the fog layer in Alex and in the sunshine..first time wearing a t-shirt and shorts since iv been home!! Post run stretching on the back of the truck with the dogs...
...and a cold speights to rehydrate post run. essential. 
the BAA BAA PUB (a wooden shed with beer inside) on hand to serve the thirsty competitors
For those who are still wondering. Here is a video.
And a wikipedia explanation..it's probably better than mine:
"Sheepdog trial (also herding event, stock dog trial or simply dog trial) is a competitive dog sport in which herding dog breeds move sheep around a field, fences, gates, or enclosures as directed by their handlers. Such events are particularly associated with hill farming areas, where sheep range widely on largely unfenced land."

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