May 28, 2012

flat what?

weekend adventures saw us take the new mitzi for a spin up to old cromwell then out to pisa moorings for a coffee and a little bite of cake. we were home in time for an evening in front of the fire, watching the rugby and indulging in some classic fish n chips. good day id say. 
now for a little lesson. 
us kiwi's drink flat whites, short blacks or long blacks..
lattes, macchiato's, cappuccino's, breve's, add sugar, sweetener, syrup, cream..blah blah blah..none of that. just give us some some decent coffee with a touch of milk please. 
a flat white = espresso shots (poured into a real cup, no paper please) with a silky smooth (stretched) milk carefully poured on top. it is served in a smaller cup..more coffee, less milk, the stronger the better.

and if you have time to make a batch of scones and whip some cream, that'll accompany our coffee quite well. below are a batch of date scones i baked on sunday.

hope you all had a great weekend too! i better dash, im meeting a friend for a 'latte'...
..just kidding.
i'll leave you with some sunset shots i took on the ride home from dunedin today

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